You may have never heard of Valiant Comics before. Back in the '90s, the company made waves as an alternative to DC and Marvel Comics, offering a brand new universe with which comic geeks could become obsessed.

Eventually, Valiant was sold to video game company Acclaim Entertainment, which continued to publish Valiant comics and video games starring Valiant characters until the company went bankrupt in 2004.

Then, like a glorious Phoenix rising from the ashes, Valiant once again burst onto the comic scene in 2012, relaunching their comic universe for a new generation.

Since then, the comic company founded by former Marvel superstars has continued to prove there is more than enough space in the comic industry for another hard-hitting comic universe.

Today marks the release of the final issue of The Valiant, the company's biggest (and most successful) crossover to date. To celebrate the finale of one of the freshest stories of the year, we're showcasing five reasons you should be reading everything Valiant has to offer.

There Is Something For Everybody

Variety and diversity in any comic universe is important. It's one of the reasons Marvel and DC are so successful — they have massive rosters of heroes and villains from all kinds of races, both human and alien. Books differ drastically in tone and style. Some are funny and lighthearted, others brooding and serious. Valiant is no different. Whether it is the '90s action-hero vibe of Bloodshot, the hard science-fiction of Divinity or the light-hearted buddy-comedy of Archer & Armstrong, Valiant has something for everybody.

It's Easy To Dive In

The hardest part of getting into comics is knowing where to start. With some series going on for hundreds of issues and with decades of history behind every panel, it's a little intimidating to simply pick up issue #103 and try to figure out what the heck is going on. One benefit of learning the ropes of the Valiant universe is that this rebooted world hasn't been around for long. Most of the series that have been with Valiant from the early days of the reboot, like Archer & Armstrong, only number into the 20s or 30s and often have multiple jumping-on points. The first page of each issue does a great job of summarizing who these characters are and what has come before. However, if you do want to start from the beginning, the first paperback volume of each Valiant book is only $9.99. It's hard to beat that.

It's Not A Convoluted Mess (Yet)

There is a reason that both Marvel and DC are "rebooting" their universes this year — sometimes things just get way too confusing. With parallel dimensions, alternate worlds and thousands upon thousands of obscure characters, it can be a lot to take in, and if you haven't been a longtime reader, it's easy to get lost. Valiant doesn't have that problem, at least not yet. Valiant isn't bogged down by decades of continuity and stories to reconcile with one another. The publisher maintains a small set of core books with occasional crossovers, events and mini-series to spice things up. It's painfully simple to keep up, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Valiant Has Some Of The Best Creators In The Business

Matt Kindt. Greg Pak. Jeff Lemire. Paolo Rivera. Those are just a few of the names that make up the insane levels of talent behind the Valiant universe, and it's only getting better with each passing day. Valiant's books regularly rank among some of the best titles of the year and with good reason — with names like this, it's hard to do wrong. The publisher has proven again and again they can match DC and Marvel blow-for-blow when it comes to delivering quality comics.

It's Getting Its Own Cinematic Universe

Comic book cinematic universes are all the rage these days, and Marvel has set the standard with theirs. DC is looking to get in on the action with their upcoming Batman vs. Superman. Perhaps it shouldn't be surprising then that Valiant is also looking to get into the movie business, and why not? They've got fantastic characters that are more than capable of going toe-to-toe with Batman and Captain America. Valiant will be partnering with DMG Entertainment to bring characters like Bloodshot, Shadowman and Archer and Armstrong to the bring screen for audiences around the globe in the near future. While we don't know when we will see the first of these films, you can get a leg up on the competition by jumping into the Valiant Comic universe now. That way, once Valiant becomes a household name, you'll be ahead of the curve.

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