The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer was released in IMAX theaters recently, and it came with six seconds of extra footage. We've got those six seconds of extra footage in .GIF format for the world to see.

The footage consists of Superman and Batman rushing towards each other with fists out and ready to rumble. The two men are fighting for some unknown reason, though many believe it has a lot to do with the immense damage caused by Superman and the other Kryptonians in Man of Steel.

Zack Snyder was forced to release the official trailer more quickly than anticipated after it was leaked. The leakage managed to soften the excitement of the trailer and what it brought to the table, though it wasn't a complete loss for Warner Bros. because people are talking about it a lot on the Web.

GIF in poor low quality:

Not much can be seen from the above GIF, but what is clear is that Superman is angry, and he is out to take down the Dark Knight one way or the other. We can't see Batman's face at all due to the poor quality, but from what we have been hearing from those who saw the trailer in IMAX, he is just as angry and out for blood.

Ever since the movie was announced back in 2013, it was riffed with controversy, especially when Ben Affleck was brought in to be play Batman and Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. Things took another wrong turn for fans when Warner Bros. announced that Gal Gadot would come on as Wonder Woman.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is the second film in the DC Cinematic Multiverse, and it is also the most important. It will bring forth the likes of Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and Lex Luthor into the universe. The film is also the stepping-stone for bringing Justice League to life, so failure is not an option for Warner Bros. and DC.

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