Today at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, theater owners were treated to a humongous chart that displayed Disney's entire movie slate from this year up until the end of 2017. And it looks like it was made just to embarrass all of the other studios in Hollywood.

No less than six franchises are represented, unless you count Disney's relentless pursuit of remaking all of its animated classics in live action as a franchise in and of itself. That would make seven.

But for real, there's no way any other studio can even compete with this. Probably the two biggest money-making franchises in the world right now are on this schedule — that would be Marvel and Star Wars — along with four Pixar sure-to-be hits and a new animated princess movie.

Throw in a few historical dramas and a science fiction adventure or two, and you've got an overflowing treasure trove of money-making entertainment.

Here's the chart (courtesy of SlashFilm's Peter Sciretta).

Avengers. The Force Awakens. Finding Dory. Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Beauty and the Beast. Toy Story 4. Guaranteed box office monsters, every single one. And every other movie on the schedule stands a very good chance of topping the charts. Tomorrowland, for example, has all the hallmarks of a classic-in-the-making. It could be this year's Guardians of the Galaxy-like surprise hit.

If you listen closely, you can just hear Disney's executives rubbing their hands together with giddy joy.

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