In the battle of the best smartphone, both Apple and Android devices have pros and cons. Luckily, YouTubers love putting both Apple's iPhone 6 vs. Samsung's Galaxy S6 to the test, posting their results for the world to see which one is the winner.

Of course, many techies were anxious to see if the Galaxy S6 would pass or fail the #Bendgate test. ICYMI, Samsung posted its own bend test and asked SquareTrade to do a re-test after their first one found that S6 bent just as easily as the iPhone 6 Plus and was more likely to crack under pressure.

While both phones will bend under extreme pressure, what would happen if you were to cook them? Would either phone (neither waterproof) be able to survive the boiling water test, or would they both drown?

Putting both smartphones in the hot seat, TechRax, the YouTube channel who previously told us "Don't Boil Your iPhone 6 in Coca-Cola," investigated which phone could withstand boiling temperatures for longer when submerged under water. And the competition between the iPhone 6 vs. the Galaxy S6 defiantly heated up.

TechRax took each phone side by side, dropping them each into a bowl of boiling water while starting their stopwatches.

This is what happens when you cook an iPhone vs. the Galaxy S6.

In just 10 seconds, the iPhone's screen fades to black and is gone.

At 30 seconds, TechRax has to lower the heat as the Galaxy continues to cook to prevent water from dripping, with the goal of getting the S6 to make it to the minute mark. Then at 55 seconds, the Galaxy's screen also fades to black, but quickly comes back on with an alert to notify the user that the phone was overheating.

TechRax then shows what happens if you flip the phones over and flip them back, screens facing up again to assess any water and heating damage.

Although the Galaxy S6 appears to be the clear winner, when both phones are taken out of the hot boiling water, the Apple logo appears on the iPhone 6. TechRax gives the phones a cold water bath so he could handle them, and in a change of events, the Galaxy S6 does not show signs of life, but the iPhone does.

"The iPhone 6 gets that last laugh," he says.

However, the logo eventually disappears and joins the Galaxy S6 in smartphone heaven.

The viral video has already received over one million views since being posted last Tuesday. Watch what happens when you cook and iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy S6 below.

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