There is the good, the bad and the usual in the latest round of updates for the Windows 10 Technical Preview development, called 10061.

Let's go with the good news first as that will make the bad and typical less painful.

The build boasts new and improved Mail and Calendar apps, providing better performance claims Microsoft, as well as a familiar three-pane email design and some neat new Mail features such as Swipe Gestures and new mail-authoring scenario.

Microsoft has also buffed up its Start, Taskbar and Action Center, with a new black system theme and the ability to customize the Start menu and even resize it. The power button has shifted from top right of the start menu to the bottom left to expand accessibility.

There are also improvements to Taskbar and Task View, and unlimited number of virtual desktops a user can create.

Now, onto the not-so-good, pretty much bad and otherwise known as 'known issues' that need to be fixed in the next three months as Windows 10 is reportedly arriving in July.

While Microsoft has fixed about a half dozen glitches (email indexing wasn't working), the list of known issues for the build is still longer than the improved and fixed lists. There's also a fix coming for an audio app twitch and downloading music in the Xbox Music. Music Preview isn't also working at all, but again a fix is promised via WU.

The news regarding Windows 10's long list of fixes and new glitches being investigated for a fix comes just a few days before Microsoft's build conference.

"Thank you for your continued help as Windows Insiders and we hope you enjoy this build," states the blog. Microsoft has also fixed an issue that blocked users from enabling Hyper-V with Windows 10 Desktop in this build. It also fixed some Spartan bugs.

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