PC maker Acer is charging into the game of gaming with a new line of devices it describes as designed for hardcore gamers. While the product line sounds fierce given its name, Predator, its form factors aren't getting rave reviews for looks.

Then again, as details are very scarce, with just a few photos and blurbs on Acer's website at this point, the look of Predator is the only real known aspect at this point.

Acer announced its gaming move Thursday along with a slew of other gaming products, including a curved display HD screen.

The Predator device offering will "feature a distinct design language to capture the speed and excitement of PC gaming," states Acer, whose first gaming effort is its Aspire V Nitro Series gaming notebooks.

The Android-powered Predator gaming tablet, despite a lack of details from Acer at its event, is getting notice, and one report states the Predator gaming tablet will hit the market by year's end with official launch happening in Q4.

In displaying the tablet device to industry watchers, an Acer spokesperson mentioned it will have a haptic feedback feature. That means as gamers hurdle down raceways, the device will act as if it's in the speeding car. The tablet will feature an eight-inch display, though resolution hasn't been announced.

While the gaming tablet segment isn't exactly jam packed with options, with NVIDIA's Shield tablet boasting Tegra K1 typically grabbing the spotlight, it's not known where and why the Acer device will fit in or what Acer's marketing strategy will be to knock NVIDIA's Shield off its market-ruling perch.

One report notes that the tablet's most appealing aspect is its use of IPS technology and 178-degree viewing angles.

In addition to the tablet, the Predator product line also includes a desktop, two notebooks and a curved 35-inch monitor.

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