Nvidia's forum administrators revealed that they are upgrading both the Shield Tablet and Shield Portable gaming console with the latest version of Android Lollipop. There's no mention yet of a specific time frame, but fans are assured that they are getting the update soon.

The Nvidia Shield Tablet is currently running on Android 5.0 Lollipop, which means that the latest update may not entirely create a drastic change in user experience.

Based on the announcement on the forum, the Android 5.1 Lollipop update will patch up issues, such as responsiveness and performance, brought about by the 5.0 version. Apart from dealing with the said issues, the latest 5.1 version seems to have just a couple of new features since much of the focus has been placed instead on enhancing performance and fixing bugs.

"We have identified and fixed many of these issues in an upcoming OTA release," said Peter of Nvidia Customer Care. "In addition to new features and improved security, Android 5.1 provides an overall snappier end user experience."

In the case of the Shield Portable, the device is still running Android 4.4 KitKat.

"Thank you all for your continued support. Can't wait! Just hope the Portable gets some Lollipop love soon too," said one user in the forum known only as Neoistheone2000.

Another user named BondoBox vented out frustration.

"Tablet can be a bit frustrating sometimes and would like to see lollipop support for my little gem called the shield portable," posted BondoBox.

As a response, another Nvidia representative announced that the Portable will also be getting an update, and it will be a direct Android 5.1 version.

"We decided to move to Android L 5.1 MR1 for the first Android L based OTA update for the Shield Portable," the representative was quoted in an earlier report.

It is highly likely that the Shield Tablet will get the update even sooner than Google's Nexus 9. If the company stays true to their word that they're rolling out the update soon, then there's a big chance that the device will beat the Nexus 9 as far as getting an update is concerned.

Apart from the announcement of an update rollout, Nvidia is also rumored to bring some hardware refresh on the Shield Portable. Lastly, the company is also preparing to launch the Shield Console set-top box in the coming month.

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