NASA astronaut Scott Kelly has released an image of the San Francisco Bay Area taken from outer space.

Kelly, as well as Gennady Padalka and Mikhail Kornienko of the Russian Federal Space Agency – commonly known as Roscosmos – are Expedition 43 crew members. On March 27, they reached the International Space Station (ISS), where Kelly and Kornienko will spend about a year.

The astronauts will conduct a number of experiments and make important observations, but Kelly has also taken some time for photography. Kelly just posted an image of the San Francisco Bay Area that he took from space on Twitter and Facebook.

Kelly also revealed that he had his first video conference with his youngest daughter from space.

Kelly additionally put up a photograph of Washington D.C.

It's been only a month since Kelly arrived at the ISS, and in that time, he's sent back some brilliant images of Earth as it appears in space. Kelly will spend another 11 months at the ISS and space enthusiasts are hoping that more photography of Earth-from-the-outside will emerge from Kelly and other crew members.

Kelly will be the first American to spend more than 12 months in space. The mission will help scientists understand the effects that an extended period in outer space has on humans. That will help the space agency to plan future deep space projects, such as manned missions to Mars.

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