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NASA Clarifies That Scott Kelly's DNA Did Not Change, Astronaut Brothers Are Still Identical Twins

NASA clarified that what happened to astronaut Scott Kelly in space is changes in his gene expression and not fundamental changes in his DNA. The space agency said scientists are studying further how space flight affects the human body.

Space March 19, 2018

Scott Kelly Says China's Space Program Could Surpass The US If They're Allowed To

Astronaut Scott Kelly voiced his concerns about the U.S. falling behind in their space program. China is rapidly making advances in its space technology and Kelly fears it could surpass the U.S. if the country doesn't advance rapidly.

Space March 16, 2018

NASA Confirms Scott Kelly's Genes Have Been Altered By Space Travel

NASA revealed preliminary findings that confirm recent stories that Scott Kelly's genes have changed after being in space for a year. Scott Kelly's identical twin brother now has different genes than him.

Space March 15, 2018

NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly’s DNA Was Altered In Space: How Did That Even Happen?

Scott Kelly’s DNA did indeed change after staying in the International Space Station for a long time. What are the factors that contribute to such changes?

Space March 11, 2018

Twins Study Update: NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly's DNA Altered In Space

NASA will soon release an integrated paper on its Twins Study featuring brothers Scott and Mark Kelly. Preliminary findings of the Human Research Program confirm that 7 percent of Scott’s DNA has changed.

Space March 9, 2018

NASA Twins Study: Space Travel Alters Gene Expression 'Like Fireworks'

Preliminary results of NASA's Twins Study showed that space travel results in an explosion of alterations in gene expression. Identical twin brothers and astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly are at the forefront of this first-of-its-kind study.

Space October 29, 2017

Astronaut Scott Kelly Chronicles Year In Space In New Book 'Endurance'

A new book about the life of former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly is expected to be launched on Oct. 17. Called 'Endurance,' the book tells the true life story of an astronaut's courageous journey into space.

Space October 17, 2017

Space Travel May Lead To Gene Changes, NASA Twin Study On Astronauts Scott and Mark Kelly Reveals

NASA has released early results from its unprecedented Twin Study, which probes the genetic differences between astronaut Scott Kelly and his identical twin Mark. The findings reveal that spaceflight may lead to certain changes in genetic expression.

Space January 30, 2017

Scott Kelly After 2 Months On Earth: Still Nursing Stiff Legs, Sore Feet And Fatigue

Scott Kelly is still on his road to recovery. Two months on Earth and the former NASA astronaut is still suffering from stiff legs, sore feet and fatigue.

Space May 27, 2016

NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly To Write About His Historic Year In Space

Former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly will chronicle his historic year in space in a forthcoming memoir. Kelly will write about the effects of long-term spaceflight on his body and his belief in the journey to Mars.

Space April 7, 2016

Scott Kelly Officially Retires From NASA After 20 Years Of Service

It's been great, Scott! NASA astronaut Scott Kelly officially retires after a 20-year stellar stint in NASA. Kelly officially started his retirement on April 1 and it's not an April Fool's joke.

Space April 2, 2016

Astronaut Jeff Williams Set To Beat Spaceflight Record Of Scott Kelly

NASA's Jeff Williams hitched a ride onboard the Russian Soyuz spacecraft on Friday for a six-month ISS mission. This new mission will give Williams the chance to beat Expedition 46 Commander Scott Kelly's 522 days in space record.

Space March 18, 2016

Scott Kelly's Instagram Back On Earth Is Still One To Follow After A Year In Space

Although he won't be posting any more images of life in space, astronaut Scott Kelly's Instagram is still one worth of following. After spending a year in microgravity, Kelly's photos show a poignant look of life back on earth.

Internet Culture March 17, 2016

Astronaut Scott Kelly To Leave NASA After Record-Breaking Stay At ISS

Astronaut Scott Kelly announced his retirement from NASA. The announcement came after he landed on Earth from his record-breaking 340-day space travel on the ISS.

Space March 13, 2016

US Senate Honors Astronaut Scott Kelly On Record-Breaking ISS Mission

Senators Cory Booker and Robert Menendez of New Jersey became the latest among public officials to honor Scott Kelly for his 340-day stay at the International Space Station. They dubbed it "a proud moment" for the whole state and science exploration.

Space March 10, 2016

First Things Scott Kelly Did Upon Returning To Earth: Banana, Jumping Into A Pool, Fresh Vegetables And More

Veteran NASA astronaut Scott Kelly recounted his experiences after making his way back to Earth from his year-long stay on the ISS during a recent conference with the press. He said that he has noticed a few things that were different with his recent mission than on previous ones, especially regarding his health.

Space March 7, 2016

NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly Fought Off Invading Aliens In Space With A Little Help From Microsoft

After nearly a year in space, worn-out astronaut Scott Kelly came home telling tales of blasting aliens in outer space. But the out-of-this-world battle for the future of humanity was all in and on Kelly's head.

Space March 7, 2016

Scott Kelly After A Year In Space: Sore Muscles, Skin Issues, Joint Pain And More

Scott Kelly returned to Earth with muscle pains, joint pains and skin issues. The astronaut, who spent a year in space, said his physical dilemmas right now were something unexpected.

Space March 5, 2016

Commander Scott Kelly: Profile Of An Astronaut Who Spent A Year In Space

Scott Kelly, the NASA astronaut and former U.S. Naval Captain who spent a year in space, successfully landed back to Earth on Tuesday onboard a Soyuz TMA-18M spacecraft. He was joined by Russian cosmonauts and fellow ISS crew members Mikhail Kornienko and Sergey Volkov.

Space March 3, 2016

Astronaut Scott Kelly Is Two Inches Taller After One-Year Mission In Space

Following a stay in space that lasted for almost a year, Scott Kelly returns from the International Space Station (ISS) nearly two inches taller than when he left. How else is the human body affected by living in space?

Space March 3, 2016

Zack Snyder Wants To Make A George Washington Biopic Just Like '300'

'The first thing we asked was, well, how are we going to make it look? I pointed at this painting. It looks like '300.' It's not that hard.'

Movies/TV Shows March 2, 2016

Astronaut Scott Kelly, 2 Cosmonauts Return To Earth After ISS Mission

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko successfully returned to Earth on Tuesday onboard a Russian Soyuz capsule. The duo spent 340 days on the International Space Station, taking part in medical studies designed to find out the impact of long-term space travel on human health.

Space March 2, 2016

Yearlong Space Mission Continues To Blaze Way For Long Duration Missions

Scott Kelly has set a record for the longest time ever spent in space by an American. Who are the other record holders?

Space March 2, 2016

Astronaut Scott Kelly Will Return To Earth After Spending One Year In Space

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly will begin his descent back to Earth today, with a record-breaking accomplishment and maybe a claim to the title 'Champion of Liquid Ping Pong in Space.'

Space March 1, 2016

Astronaut Scott Kelly Hands Over ISS Command To Tim Kopra On Leap Day

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly has now handed over the command of the International Space Station to fellow astronaut Tim Kopra. Kelly and two cosmonauts will be returning to Earth on Tuesday.

Space March 1, 2016

NASA Shares Eerily Beautiful Photo Of Aurora Borealis Taken From The ISS

British astronaut Tim Peake published a photo of the dancing lights of the aurora. Aside from a stunning view of greens and pinks, auroras in space continue to intrigue scientists who study how solar particles interact with Earth's atmosphere.

Space February 26, 2016

Astronaut Scott Kelly To End Record-Breaking Stay In Space

Next week, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly is returning to Earth after a year aboard the International Space Station. His inflight and post-flight data will prove crucial to studying the human body and preparing it for a future Mars mission.

Space February 26, 2016

International Space Station Astronauts Escape With Their Lives From A Gorilla - Well, Not Quite

A gorilla was filmed wreaking havoc on the International Space Station! But it's really just astronaut Scott Kelly having some fun in an ape suit sent over by his twin brother Mark.

Space February 23, 2016

Astronaut Scott Kelly Is Set To Host A Radio Special From Space

As Scott Kelly's year-long mission aboard the International Space Station draws to a close, NASA is hosting a two hour-long radio program in his honor — one that will be broadcast directly from space.

Space February 18, 2016

Astronauts Harvest Zinnia Flowers At The ISS: Why Gardening In Space Matters

Astronaut Scott Kelly harvested zinnia plants at the ISS last Valentine's Day. A space garden is deemed a critical factor of deep space missions, including NASA's journey to Mars, where the space crew needs to grow their own food.

Space February 16, 2016

Astronaut Scott Kelly Watches Super Bowl From ISS At 17,500 MPH

Despite being thousands of miles above Earth, astronaut Scott Kelly didn't want to miss out on the thrills of Super Bowl 50. Kelly tweeted his view of the Bay Area from the International Space Station.

Space February 8, 2016

Scott Kelly Conducts First Reddit AMA From Space

Scott Kelly is well on his way to being the first American to spend a whole year away from Earth. He also earned a distinction for his Reddit AMA on Jan. 23, the first to be done from space.

Space January 24, 2016

Astronaut Scott Kelly Celebrates 300th Day In Space Playing Water Droplet Ping Pong

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly reached the 300th day of his year-long mission on the International Space Station on Thursday. He celebrated this milestone by playing a solo round of ping pong using a water droplet for a ball and two hydrophobic paddles.

Space January 22, 2016

Astronaut Tim Peake Fails Attempt To Phone Home From International Space Station

British astronaut Tim Peake failed to call his parents from the International Space Station because of bad timing. He left a voicemail message instead, and the family was overjoyed with the surprise greeting.

Space December 22, 2015

Three ISS Astronauts Return To Earth After Spending 141 Days In Orbit: Highlights Of Their Time In Space

While aboard the ISS, astronaut Kjell Lindgren, astronaut Kimiya Yui, and cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko participated in several scientific investigations. The three-member crew has now returned to Earth after a 141-day mission.

Space December 12, 2015

ISS Astronauts Celebrate Thanksgiving With Feast In Space

International Space Station astronauts didn't have a full Thanksgiving spread, but they certainly didn't miss out on the holiday either. NASA gives an update on the astronauts' turkey day and other mission news.

Space November 30, 2015

ISS Astronauts To Celebrate Thanksgiving In Space: Here's How [Video]

Astronauts Scott Kelly and Kjell Lindgren show how they will celebrate Thanksgiving in space aboard the International Space Station. Their holiday will be spent watching football, feasting on irradiated smoked turkey and having a glorious day off.

Space November 26, 2015

ISS Astronaut Tweets Image Of UFO-Like Object: Is It Evidence Of Aliens?

A photo uploaded on U.S. astronaut Scott Kelly's Twitter account went viral as science buffs spotted a cigar-like object in the upper part of the photo. Many believe this object is a UFO.

Space November 20, 2015

US Astronaut Scott Kelly Shares Amazing Image Of South India On Twitter

US astronaut Scott Kelly, is on board the International Space Station where he posts his view from above. In his recent post, he uploaded a stunning photo of South India that immediately went viral.

Space November 17, 2015

Short Circuit Degrades Space Station Power, May Need Spacewalk For Repair

Electrical problems cut one of the space station's eight power channels and a spare part will have to be sent up from Earth for the repair spacewalk. The crew is in no danger, NASA says.

Space November 16, 2015

Science Images Of The Week: UFOs, Carl Sagan Day, A Disabled Orangutan And More

This week's science images are full of awe and aww.

Space November 12, 2015

How To Celebrate Halloween In Zero Gravity On ISS

If there's a will, there's a way! Commander Scott Kelly finds a way to still be a part of Earth's Halloween even as he floats aboard the space station.

Internet Culture November 2, 2015

ISS Astronauts Completed Seven-Hour Spacewalk Outside Space Station

There are many dangers involved in the spacewalk but ISS team members Scott Kelly and Kjell Lindgren have prepared as much as they could to make the trip as safe as possible.

Space October 29, 2015

This Week In Space: Pluto's Moon Kerberos Has Some Delightful Curves, Scott Kelly Goes 'Back To The Future'

This week in space, New Horizons discovered that Kerberos, Pluto's most mysterious moon, has an unusual shapely figure, and Scott Kelly celebrates the 30th anniversary of the 'Back to the Future' trilogy in the only way he knows how.

Space October 24, 2015

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