The industry is abuzz, the electric car innovator has created not only a better battery for its electric car business but also for homeowners and businesses to use and rely on if power fails or just as a side source of needed energy. However, it's likely not going to be on a shelf at local hardware stores given it's reportedly going to sell for $13,000.

According to industry watchers, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is reportedly announcing essentially a second product line, a battery production business, which should help spur sales of its cars and ease the pain points that electric car owners face given the lack of charging stations in some areas of the country.

Battery power technology has been one of the most, if not the most, elusive innovations despite the increasing reliance with advancing mobile computing and devices. Bluntly, battery power is still the big complaint heard by Apple iPhone users and while some big name tech players have tried valiantly to create and design energy workarounds, building a battery that lasts has been the bane of the electronic device market for decades.

Musk, however, clearly believes he's got an inside track and already building a huge battery factory in Nevada to develop and build a better battery. Now he's expected to announce a new 'home' battery product or system illustrating his company's research and development efforts that Tesla described to investors as a "very large utility-scale battery."

 "Whatever Tesla announces on Thursday is just the beginning," said Peter Rosegg, a spokesperson for Hawaiian Electric Co. "Tesla doesn't have to go after the market -- the market will come to them. We're very eager to see what they have to say."

Tesla's chief began teasing the industry about the announcement on social media.

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