The preview for next week's episode of The Flash shows us a sign of things to come — at least for the next episode. But hints dropped in this week's episode also suggest future events that haven't happened yet.

Could these events point to certain characters and plot points that will appear in Season 2?

The most recent episode obviously answered a lot of our questions. We know that Reverse Flash killed Barry's Mom mostly by accident: she wasn't his intended target. We also know that there's a family relation between Eobard Thawne (masquerading as Dr. Wells) and Eddie Thawne. Also, Iris just figured out that Barry is The Flash.

The episode also left some teasers of things to come, perhaps in season two of the series.

Here are the first clues:

Green Arrow

The first clue is in the article from 2024 that Barry sees in The Central City Gazette. Interestingly enough, this isn't even a hint for The Flash, but for Arrow. It seems that in the future, as expected, Oliver Queen will no longer be just "The Arrow," but the "Green Arrow." Considering current events in that series, it's likely to happen soon.


In case you haven't heard, there's a The Flash/Arrow spin-off show coming to The CW. Guess who one of those characters will be? That's right: Hawkgirl. And this is a clue that we won't only see Hawkgirl on that new series — we can also expect some crossover episodes at some point between Arrow and The Flash.

Iris West-Allen

Although Eddie has sort of proposed to Iris on The Flash, this byline shows that Iris will probably tell him no. This makes it obvious that Iris' future lies with Barry. Of course, we've known this all along — but her full name appearing on the series like this is a hint that we'll see the two characters finally come together, hopefully soon.

Red Skies Vanish

This could just be an Easter Egg, but this headline comes courtesy a very popular DC Comics storyline in which Barry Allen dies while saving the Universe. Is the series building up to that storyline? It definitely seems possible.

Gorilla Grodd

Here's the preview for next week's episode:

It seems that the not-so-good Dr. Wells/Eboard Thawne is seeking to divert attention away from himself as Team Flash starts looking for him, so he's set Gorilla Grodd free to keep Barry and friends busy. But is this just a one-off appearance for the super intelligent beast? We think not. It's likely we'll see more of Grodd and his story in Season 2.

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