Telephoto lens cameras aren't very subtle and it's pretty obvious when you're taking a photo with your smartphone, no matter how inconspicuous you try to be. Now, thanks to Indiegogo, the world will have a much easier time taking inappropriate photographs and videos with Peek-I, a small, attachable spy cam for your smartphone.

Peek-I is a small lens attachment for smartphone cameras. Peek-I is basically the sneaky little brother of Olloclip, another attachable lens that is intended for camera buffs who want their smartphones to take DSLR quality pictures. Peek-I may not be a spectacular camera lens that will give you high-quality close-ups, but it will give you the ability to take pictures covertly.

Peek-I features a lens made of high-quality acrylic mirror. It spins 360 degrees to take pictures at any angle and like a periscope, it reflects the image at a 90 degree angle. That way, you don't have to point your smartphone at the subject of your photo, you can just find a good angle and pretend that you're photographing latte art.

A neodymium magnet attaches Peek-I to any smartphone with a metal casing. All iPhone and HTC One users have to do is stick the Peek-I lens onto the back of their smartphone camera and voila! They've got the ultimate spy cam. Those who have a plastic backed smartphone can attach the Peek-I with a magnetically charged metal ring, which sticks to the plastic.

Peek-I is quite small, too, so you don't have to worry that it looks to obvious. It measures 0.79 x 0.6 x 0.2-inches. Most people will probably just think you're a camera buff. The makers of Peek-I have also made a whole bunch of skins to cover the lens, so that it looks more stylish. The covers look like guitar picks and most of them feature winking smiley faces in different colors. For the more sophisticated, there are metallic gold and silver-looking covers.

Peek-I costs $15 on the Indiegogo crowd-funding page, $25 will get you two and $60 will get you five Peek-I lenses. The estimated delivery date is May 2014 and since the project has already received eight times the amount it was looking for, the Peek-I lenses should be coming to snoopers soon.

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