Friends fanatics, you're going to love this.

Actor Matt LeBlanc was recently a guest on the BBC's Graham Norton Show, alongside Rebel Wilson and Game of Thrones' Kit Harington. Friends had a huge following in the U.K. as well, so Norton was versed enough in the show to remember that on several occasions, LeBlanc's Joey Tribbiani broke out into some rather ridiculous songs.

So naturally, Norton did exactly what any good fan would do, and asked LeBlanc if he remembered some of those songs. "Unfortunately, I do," was the actor's laughing reply. Ever the good natured sport, LeBlanc indulged his host by recreating a few of those songs for the audience.

The first comes from an early Season One episode where Joey appeared in an appallingly awful play called "Freud!" (and yes, the exclamation point was important) as the title character. His song, which in the play was addressed to a female patient of Freud's, is infamous to fans.

The second song is even more ridiculous, coming from the Season Five finale, when the gang takes to Vegas and Joey thinks he's found his "identical hand twin." (Just don't even.) So he makes up a song on the spot to try and convince his "twin" to join him in a show business venture.

Yes, it's all just as silly as it sounds, but there's something adorable about seeing that the gray-haired actor holds Friends so dear that he can still recite things he spoke and sang on camera more than 20 years ago. It just confirms what fans have known for decades: Friends really was one of the greatest sitcoms of all time.

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