Forget the fight of the century. 73-year-old Carl Moore is way more interesting than the snooze-fest of a fight between Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and Manny Pacquiao.

White-haired and wiry Carl Moore says he punched a bear, a real live bear, straight in the face when the ferocious carnivore was trying to get inside the porch to eat Lacy, his Chihuahua. Moore said that the other week, he heard Lacy whimpering out on his porch at his home in Placer County in Sacramento, California. When he went out to see what was making his beloved pet yelp in fear, he saw a bear trying to get over the gate to the porch.

"I raised both hands in the air and I cussed at him, 'Rrraaaaaaa! Get out of here, you bastard!' he tells CBS Sacramento. "And he looked at me like, 'Go eff yourself,'" he said.

The bear turned away, but Moore, an ex-Marine and a former bouncer, hadn't had his fill. The septuagenarian says he went out the gate and rushed the animal, causing the bear to turn around and stand on its hind legs. He then whipped right and landed the beast a haymaker right in its face — bare-handed.

"He come up like this, and turned, boom, I hit him hard," he says. "Tyler said I damn corkscrewed his head."

In case you're wondering at whether all this is a whimsical tale made up by an antiquated ex-Marine pining for the good old days, Moore has a witness to corroborate his story. John Sargent, a close friend of Moore's for 25 years and an employee at the construction company Moore owns says he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw his friend and employee land that punch on the bear's face.

"He whips to the right and hit him with a right ... It was crazy," Sargent exclaims. "Carl just smacks it. I couldn't believe it."

As a former serviceman, a boxer, and a bouncer at country bars in Texas, Moore knows more than a thing or two about landing a good punch.

"He's an ex-first recon Marine," says Sargent. "He's been in barroom brawls, all kinds of stuff."

The animal is believed to be a 300-pound bear that is also deemed responsible for killing some of Moore's chickens. The Department of Fish and Wildlife of California says Moore can apply for a permit to shoot the bear, but he says he will let the sheriff do the job.

"If it comes back, I'll call 911 and let the sheriff's do it because I don't want to shoot no animal," he says.

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