Android users have plenty of reason to cheer as Google Play now offers users two months of unlimited access to music free of charge!

Once the trial period of 60 days expires, subscribers will be able to access the Unlimited All Access Music for the regular fee of $9.99 each month. So basically, if you avail the two free months of Unlimited All Access Music offer, you end up saving $19.98.

However, there's a caveat. The Google Play offer is only valid for new Unlimited All Access Music service subscribers and not existing users who are looking to renew their subscription.

The Google Play Unlimited All Access Music service free two months offer is a limited period promotion. It is the perfect opportunity for those looking to test out the service as there is no additional cost involved.

For the unfamiliar, the Unlimited All Access Music service basically gives the subscriber access to over 30 million songs that are listed in the Google Play catalog. The best bit is that there are no ads interrupting your listening spree! Subscribers can also choose from a plethora of playlists and mood-based music stations that have been curated by Google Play Music.

The Google Play Unlimited All Access Music offer, however, is only available in certain regions. While North America is eligible, other regions such as the U.K. only have access to the 30-day free trial.

Those interested in testing out the promotion can head over to the Play Music store and try out the service. Alternately, music lovers can check out rival Spotify which is also running a promotion, whereby subscribers can get three months of Spotify Premium membership for $0.99.

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