New York City's RPZL salon is the first of its kind in many ways. The world's debut hair extension and blowout bar is a tech-savvy space, making it a digital playground for beauty lovers.

RPZL makes getting premium hair extensions and beautiful blowouts as easy and accessible as a manicure. Clients can walk in or schedule a single appointment, leaving with a new hair look that can instantly be shared socially via the selfie photo booth.

Each chair in the sleek salon accommodates a fully loaded tablet, allowing everything to be done on demand via the device. First, choose from the digital image gallery of salon services and hair extension offerings. Next, order a drink and exclusive Baked by Melissa cupcake (that can only be found at RPZL) and flip through digital versions of the latest magazines on the tablet. Styling stations are also equipped with charging docks. Customers can even use the tablet for a seamless checkout experience.

While getting their hair done, clients can select songs on an iPad through a virtual jukebox. The desk in the reception area even converts to a DJ booth for events. Once the look is complete, head over to the selfie booth, snap a #RPZLfie and upload it with just a few clicks.

Offering three varieties of hair extensions, RPZL ushers in a new era in beauty, combining top hairstyling techniques with cutting-edge technology. One such method utilizes ultrasound waves rather than heat to attach hair extensions to natural hair. This technique minimizes the risk of damaging the client's natural hair, which may occur when heat is applied. The ultrasonic machine sends out vibrations to fuse the hair extension in its place, beeping once it's set to alert the stylist to remove the application wand. Ultrasound application works especially well on clients with naturally fine hair prone to damage or breakage.

Hairstylists can apply a full head of 100% Virgin Remy (top quality) hair extensions in just an hour and a half, making it quicker than conventional application, and the price is nominal when compared with more traditional types of hair extensions. These hair extensions typically last for three months or more. Clients that may not want to commit to hair extensions that last several months also have options. The salon offers blowouts as well as clip-in hair extensions that are easily removed without professional assistance.

RPZL is located on 27 West 20th St., New York, New York 10011.

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