A basic rule of journalism is that no good story is complete unless you ask – and answer – the question "why?"

This is one story in which it's best to ignore that rule.

As you probably know – if you're reading this story – Star Wars Day just happened, on May the 4th. People celebrated in all sorts of cool and interesting ways all over the Internet. The geeks over at Wired found a way to mark the occasion by doing something no one had ever done before.

They spent hours and hours assembling an umpteen-thousand piece LEGO Star Wars Star Destroyer set — a set that costs $800, we might add — just so they could destroy it. That's right, they wrecked it good. And they did it in super slow-motion. As in 1,000 frames-per-second kind of slow. They dropped the massive ship from high rigging and fired up their slow-mo camera to document the whole thing.

We can't deny that there's a morbid voyeurism that forces us to watch this video over and over — fascinated at how all of those tiny bricks come apart and fly all over the place.

But watching such an incredible model be destroyed for no good reason... It makes us sad.

Sorry, Wired folks. It's a cool video, sure. But we don't feel good about watching it. And we're judging your life choices.

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