In advance of the global launch of LG's latest flagship smartphone, the G4, the company has unveiled the LG G4 trial program.

The LG G4 trial program is the company's first-ever trial program for consumers. It will allow selected customers to be able to experience the offerings of the LG G4 before the device is officially released to the United States markets in June. Customers who are chosen to be part of the program will be able to get their hands on the LG G4 and preview the device weeks before the smartphone is released to the public.

Perhaps best of all, participants will be able to get the LG G4 smartphone for free under the trial program.

Customers who are interested in participating in the LG G4 trial program can now sign up for pre-registration through the program's dedicated page on the company's website. Pre-registered customers will then receive notifications through e-mail that enrollment has started. The complete rules of the program are also laid out on the page.

From the customers who enroll for the LG G4 trial program, the participants will then be selected through a random drawing.

Upon receiving their free LG G4 smartphones, which will be GSMA-compatible with several carrier networks in the U.S., participants will then be requested to undergo a series of fun challenges that will be shared on social media. The challenges will look to lay out the complete experience of owning and using all the functions of the flagship device.

"We're very proud of the new LG G4 and confident that people will truly appreciate the impressive new camera, display, design and user interface," said Morris Lee, LG MobileComm's senior vice president and North America sales and marketing head, adding that the company is looking forward to launch the LG G4 trial program for several lucky customers in the United States.

"We are living up to our promise of innovation for a better life with a fashionable premium smartphone that is more focused on delivering a balanced user experience that can compete with the best of the best," said Juno Cho, LG MobileComm's CEO and president.

Carriers in the United States are expected to begin selling the LG G4 in June, with all the major carriers confirming that they will be selling the smartphone. No pricing details have yet been released, but expectations are that the smartphone will be priced in the $199 range with a two-year contract.

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