More details about Star Wars Battlefront are slowly being released. We know the game will be multiplayer focused, feature 12 maps at launch, won't have iron sights and can be played in both the first and third person.

What we don't know much about is the game's single-player: until now. While previous games in the series like Star Wars Battlefront 2 featured a campaign in the form of its "Galactic Conquest" mode, EA's Battlefront will be looking to key moments from the original Star Wars film trilogy and adapting them into missions that can be played alone or co-op with a friend.

The details come out of the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine (via GamesRadar), where Battlefront design director Niklas Fegraeus shines some light on what singe-player minded Star Wars fans can expect from Battlefront.

These missions allow "players to basically jump into these crafted challenges where they can play either alone or with a friend cooperatively online or split-screen," Fegraeus tells the magazine.

He says each mission is designed with re-playability in mind.

"These missions offer challenges that are inspired by the films and they also focus on re-playability," he says. "You can just jump in and play or you can turn up the difficulty to get a real challenge and try to beat the hardest things."

In these modes players will be battling against AI controlled enemies instead of other players. Executive producer Patrick Bach says the game's single-player missions aren't "supposed to feel like a multiplayer game per se," before going into accurately creating AI behaviors so that enemies will fight and react in way close to that of the movies.

Those bits of information aren't too much to go on, but the game's multiplayer components are equally mysterious. Beyond the game's Walker Assault game mode that will support 32 players and the number of maps the game will feature, we simply don't know much about Star Wars Battlefront. Expect that to change in the near future, as EA prepares to bring the game to its E3 press conference.

Star Wars Battlefront releases on Nov. 17 2015.

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