Remember that guy who won a trip to Puerto Rico and looked miserable while on vacation? Well, he went back on vacation again, but this time things were very different.

His first round of vacation photos went viral after user WidgetDude posted them on IMGUR and Reddit. The photos were hilarious, showing how bad of a time he was having while in paradise.

How could anyone be miserable while swimming in crystal clear, blue waters and enjoying piña coladas by the pool? WidgetDude staged his photos so that his wife that he left behind with their 6-month-old baby wouldn't feel like she was missing out.

But WidgetDude won another trip from his work—because this guy works at the best company ever—and went back to Puerto Rico, this time with his wife and baby girl.

On Thursday, WidgetDude posted his second round of vacation photos on IMGUR, which showed the whole family having "many seconds of fun."

He posted the original photos with the new ones underneath, recreating the scenes and wearing the exact same outfits.

The first time around, he was lonely and depressed by the pool. This time, he couldn't help but grin ear to ear alongside his wife as he held his baby in a reenactment shot.

Snorkeling is no fun alone, but a blast when we got to share the memory with his wife.


He wasn't feeling lucky at the casino, but with his lucky charm by his side, he looks like he hit the jackpot.

Sleeping alone with his family miles away was tough, but only made for an even better cuddle session the second time around.

The whole family, including his adorable baby who is smiling so big in each photo, seems like they had an amazing time in paradise. This guy was miserable away from his family while on vacation alone, but these photos prove happiness is where your home is.

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Photo: WidgetDude | IMGUR

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