Happy Mother's Day: Our 5 Favorite Sports Moms


Did you know that Sonya Curry fines her son, Stephen Curry, for committing turnovers? How awesome is that? With Mother's Day on Sunday, we salute Sonya Curry and our other favorite sports moms. Happy Mother's Day!

LeBron James' mom: Gloria James

Who could forget Gloria James yelling at Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett after Pierce fouled her son during the 2008 NBA playoffs? LeBron had to tell his mom forcibly to sit down. But not only did Gloria have her son's back in that heated moment — as a single mom, she's had James' back for his entire life.

Gloria has remained by her son's side throughout the years, memorably kissing Miami Heat players on the cheek in the tunnel during halftime of playoff games. Happy Mother's Day, Gloria. Easily one of our favorite sports moms.

Ray Allen's mom: Flo Allen-Hopson

How can you not love Ray Allen's mom after she draped her arm around famed movie director and hardcore New York Knicks fan Spike Lee? Flo Allen-Hopson consoled Lee, whose Knicks were about to lose to the Celtics, who starred Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and, of course, Ray Allen.

Ms. Flo ... there's plenty of Knicks fans who need consoling, but we're glad you talked Spike off the ledge a few years back. Thanks.

Three years later, Ray's mom was cooking up dinner for his Miami Heat teammates. What a lovely lady.

Stephen Curry's mom: Sonya Curry

We already mentioned that Sonya Curry fines her son for committing turnovers. But as much credit as Dell Curry – former NBA shooting guard and Stephen's father – gets for his game, Sonya should get her props as well. After all, a recent NBA Inside Stuff sit-down interview with Steph Curry and his mom revealed that Sonya was a five-sport athlete in her day. Wow.

She also revealed that as coordinated as Steph is on the court, he spills something during every meal off it. A mom will always let you know when you're being a sloppy eater. Even when you're the new NBA MVP.

Kevin Durant's mom: Wanda Pratt

We all fell in love with Kevin Durant's mom following his passionate MVP speech last year. During the teary-eyed, moving speech, KD thanked his single mother for being selfless and putting her kids over herself, to the point of not eating a meal so they could. Durant memorably ended the speech saying, "You sacrificed for us ... you're the real MVP."

Rob Gronkowski's mom: Diane Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski was one of five boys who turned Diane Gronkowski's suburban Buffalo household into a war zone. Yes, five out-of-control Gronk boys. Five Gronks ... let that soak in for a second. God bless Diane Gronkowski for living to tell the story, as she did to ESPN's E:60 last year. Gronk owes you!


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