Those who want a bite to eat have long had to face the turmoil of going all the way to the company's website, or even calling the company on the phone, to place an order for food.

Well, Google is coming to our rescue once again and has announced that users will now be able to order food straight from Google's search results.

"Whether you're craving deep dish pizza or pad thai, starting today you can order food from some of your favorite restaurants directly from Google search results," said Google in a Google+ post. "When you search for a nearby restaurant on your phone, you'll see an option to 'Place an order' in the search results. Just tap that, choose the delivery service and you'll be taken to their website to complete the order."

The way it works is that when a user searches for a restaurant that offers delivery, Google will now include a "Place an Order" option, which users can click on, after which users can select the delivery service they want to use, and will be whisked away to that company's website so the user can finalize the order.

Because of the fact that Google is partnering with specialized delivery services, users will currently only be able to order food from restaurants that use Seamless, Grubhub,, Eat24, BeyondMenu, and

However, Google says that it is planning on partnering with more companies as time goes on. Not only that, but the feature is currently only available on mobile devices. It also seems as though the feature is for the U.S. only for now, but again, it is likely that the company will add more countries eventually.

Google has been slowly increasing the functionality of search, with Google Now becoming a useful personal assistant. Not only can users order food; they can also find out a multitude of things from Google's search results without having to be directed to other websites. They can also set reminders or access their calendar straight from Google Now.

In fact, many suggest that Google Now is the best mobile personal assistant out there, with Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana slightly behind the competition. Despite this, Apple and Microsoft have both been making leaps in their options, offering more features.

Google is also going up against Amazon, which unveiled its "Fresh" grocery delivery service recently.

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