Google has introduced a pre-registration feature for upcoming apps on the Google Play Store. "Terminator Genisys: Revolution" by Glu Mobile will be the first app to use the feature, which will allow players to see upcoming apps listed on the Google Play Store.

Users can sign up for the pre-registration feature by accessing the app on the Google Play Store and then tapping on the pre-register button, which is in the spot where the Buy/Install button for apps is usually located.

Users who are pre-registered for an app will receive a notification on their Android device once the app is uploaded and ready for download in the Google Play Store.

Users should take note that the pre-registration system is simply a notification system that issues an alert when an app is ready to be downloaded. There is no obligation for the user to purchase and download an app if he or she signs up for pre-registration — it is simply a way of making sure not to miss apps a user may encounter before they become available. Users who don't want to be part of the pre-register system any longer can simply return to the app's page and tap on the Unregister button.

As of yet, is unclear which apps will receive the pre-registration feature, as there is no further information about it on the Google Play page. The Terminator Genisys: Revolution game will probably become available around the release time of the movie on which the app is based, in early July.

It remains to be seen whether developers and apps are required to pass certain requirements for eligibility to add the pre-registration feature or whether Google will select the apps that users can pre-register.

Google may also be looking to team up with certain publishers to bring the pre-registration feature to particular apps for additional exposure, as is no doubt the case with Terminator Genisys: Revolution. The pre-registration phase will certainly generate more hype and excitement for the upcoming movie, which hits theaters on July 1.

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