More than a few, actually likely thousands, of iPhone users have done something they don't talk about publicly. No, we're not talking porn.

We're talking about the lengths iPhone owners will go to when the smartphone lands somewhere it's not suppose to be and what must be done to retrieve the beloved device.

After all no one wants to admit they've stuck their hand into a toilet.

And even fewer would proudly fess up to culling through potential germ-riddled garbage bags or having to dive into a pool fully dressed in the quest to save an iPhone from drowning.

So just imagine having the national and international news media writing about how you dropped your smartphone into a street storm drain and had no choice but to climb down into the murky water. That's the story coming out of Britain today. Not only did lla Birchenough have to jump into the drain she then found herself stuck, according to a report.

The 16-year-old high school student said her phone slipped from her hand as she attempted to store it safely in a pocket. It dropped right into a storm drain near her feet and she didn't think twice about jumping in to retrieve it.

What she likely didn't bank on was the possibility of having trouble getting out.

Passerbys on the street stopped, but not with the intention to help as much as the change to grab a quick photo to share with friends and family. Someone, however, then did help her reach her mom as the teen's iPhone was not working after the storm drain adventure.

Mom then called in firefighters to rescue her daughter and within 15 minutes the teen was out of the drain.

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