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Apollo 11 Astronauts Neil Armstrong And Buzz Aldrin Planted British Flag On The Moon

A British engineer made Apollo 11 astronauts put a British flag on the moon. The sneaky move was successful and actually had Armstrong and Aldrin inject Britishness to the lunar mission.

Space April 5, 2019

Ancient Geological Brexit Opened Dover Strait: Why Should You Care About Brexit 1.0?

Brexit 1.0 took place thousands of years ago with the geological separation of Britain from Europe. Learn the significance behind this ancient event, including how Britain could still be connected to the continent today had the catastrophic event not happened.

Ancient April 5, 2017

Acorn TV March 2017: The Complete List Of Movies And TV Series Being Added

New movies and TV series being added to Acorn TV in March include the documentary ‘Island of Australia’ and Series 19 of ‘Midsomer Murders.’

Movies/TV Shows February 27, 2017

Brexit Is Not A New Drug: Here's What Brexit Is And Why You Should Care

The looming deadline for Brexit votes are drawing closer and everyone in the EU is at the edge of their seats. The results from this poll are expected to affect not only European countries but global nations as well.

Business Tech June 20, 2016

Brits Miss An Hour Of Sleep Every Night: Study

On average, one hour of sleep is lost among Britons each night. Equivalent to an entire night's sleep in a week, this could lead to a variety of health problems.

Life April 2, 2016

Fungal Disease, Deadly Beetle May Drive Britain's Ash Tree To Extinction

A fungal disease called ash dieback and a deadly beetle known as the emerald ash borer may soon cause Britain's ash trees to go extinct. These two factors may wipe out the trees, taking a toll on Britain's landscape and well-being of thousands of species that depend on the trees.

Earth/Environment March 24, 2016

Brexit May Dent UK Economy, Cost Nearly 1 Million Jobs

Brexit may take a toll on the UK economy, a report found. Leaving the European Union will cause the UK to lose nearly 1 million jobs and £100 billion in funds.

Money March 21, 2016

Ancient Warrior Found Buried In 2,500-Year-Old Iron Age Settlement

Researchers found the remains of a young warrior king in the 2,500-year-old Iron Age burial site in Pocklington, East Yorkshire. The graves belonged to the people of the Arras culture who lived during the Middle Iron Age.

Animals March 19, 2016

Massive Meteor Blazes Across UK Skies On St Patrick's Day

On St. Patrick's Day, residents in the United Kingdom saw a massive meteor blazing across the sky. The meteor emitted a bluish-green light at around 3:16 a.m. GMT.

Space March 19, 2016

Britain Opens Motorways For Driverless Car Testing In 2017

Finance minister George Osborne will soon announce the approval of self-driving car testing in the United Kingdom motorways starting next year. The move looks to invite investments from high-profile companies developing autonomous cars such as Google.

FUTURE TECH March 14, 2016

Psychologists Begin Project To Tackle Britain's Seagull Menace

The numbers of seagulls in Britain has been increasing. Scientists plan to study the behavior of these birds through the use of psychologists.

Earth/Environment February 23, 2016

Scientists Unearth Perfectly Preserved 3,000-Year-Old Wooden Wheel In ‘British Pompeii’

Archeologists found the oldest and most perfectly preserved Bronze Age wheel in Britain. The discovery is the oldest artifact unearthed in the area.

Animals February 19, 2016

Rare Horrid Ground Weaver Spider Photographed Alive For The First Time

The horrid ground-weaver, one of the rarest spiders in Britain, was photographed alive for the first time. The habitat was saved from development after a successful fundraising by Buglife.

Earth/Environment February 11, 2016

Pregnant Women Can Safely Eat Runny Eggs: Report

The Advisory Committee on the Microbiological Safety of Food (ACMSF) said that runny or slightly-cooked eggs are safe for expectant mothers.

Life February 1, 2016

Britain Fears Super Rat Plague: Warmer Weather May Trigger Invasion Of Giant Rats Immune To Poison

With warmer winters this year, pest control experts warn that millions of rats are set to invade Britain by summer. The rats, which are expected to grow up to 2 feet long, have become immune to over-the-counter pest control poisons.

Life January 28, 2016

Archaeologists Unearth Bronze Age Village They're Calling 'Britain's Pompeii'

Remarkably well-preserved ancient dwellings are a window into everyday Bronze Age life, researchers say. Five circular houses making up the settlement are dated to 1,000 to 800 B.C.

January 13, 2016

No Wi-Fi, Having Runny Nose Among Top First World Problems, Survey Reveals

Animal charity group SPANA found 30 million adults in Britain experience first world problems daily. Their biggest complaint: a runny nose. The SPANA survey also found 85 percent of adults in Britain like to complaint about something.

Society January 2, 2016

Hacking Group VandaSec Claims ISIS Twitter Accounts Traced To British Government Department

VandaSec, a hacking group, has traced three social media accounts belonging to terror outfit ISIS to Britain's Department of Work and Pensions. Even though the IP addresses belong to the DWP, they were sold off by the British government.

Internet December 17, 2015

Soyuz Spacecraft Successfully Delivers First British Astronaut To ISS

A Soyuz rocket brought the first British astronaut to the ISS successfully. Tim Peake reached the station as planned and is now ready to embark on a six-month mission.

Space December 16, 2015

Hedgehog Population Halved Due To Urban Development And Rise In Badger Numbers

The population of Britain's most iconic animals, the hedgehog, is in danger. A new report revealed that the number of hedgehogs has halved as urban development continues and the number of badgers increases.

Earth/Environment November 21, 2015

Access To High-Speed Broadband To Become A Legal Right In The UK By 2020

The UK government is looking to have fast broadband speeds to become a basic service just like water and electricity. A Universal Service Obligation (USO) for Internet access of 10 Mbps is prospected before the Parliament ends in 2020.

Internet November 10, 2015

New British Law Requires Teachers and Doctors To Report Female Genital Mutilation Cases

Part of female genital mutilation had been the partial or total removal of the clitoris as well as the external genitalia. Now, Britain required teachers and doctors to report FGM within a day or up to a month, or they will be subjected to disciplinary measures or termination.

Life October 31, 2015

Scientists Want To Unravel Mysteries Behind Britain's 'Atlantis'

A team of scientists is set to discover the mysteries surrounding a country that had sunk down the North Sea some 7,500 years ago. A research council in Europe provided funds for the experts to work on this project using advanced technologies.

Animals September 3, 2015

Millions Of Flying Ants Pester Homes In Britain

Swarms of flying ants are invading homes and causing nuisance in Britain. Experts explain what causes this phenomenon known as 'Flying Ant Day.'

Animals August 4, 2015

Experts Concerned That An Asteroid Tsunami Could 'Kill Hundreds Of Thousands' In British Coast

Tsunami is one of the most devastating effects of an asteroid impact. Now, experts said that such event could kills thousands of people who live in UK's coastal regions.

Animals July 1, 2015

Goldfish In Garden Ponds May Be Causing Major Problems For Frogs

Scientists say that placing goldfish in ponds may be the major reason for the deaths of frogs. The water is meant for frogs and placing non-native species within may be detrimental to them

Earth/Environment June 6, 2015

Genetic Study Unravels Modern British DNA

Modern Britons are gentically diverse, but what else can we learn from a 20-year study of their DNA?

March 18, 2015

Wild Lynx May Return To Britain After 1,300 Years

The wild lynx no longer exists in Britain, but an ambitious rewilding project plans to reintroduce the species with the aim of controlling the population of wild deer. Some groups, however, are concerned about the impact of the animal's presence.

Animals March 11, 2015

Britain Bans Ad For The "World's Slimmest Phone" For Objectifying Women

A TV ad for the Kazam Tornado 348 smartphone has been banned by Britain's Advertising Standards Agency for being sexually suggestive.

Internet Culture February 25, 2015

Man Waking Up From Coma Is Shocked To Learn He Isn't Matthew McConaughey

A man waking up from a coma firmly believed he was actor Matthew McConaughey. Until he looked in the mirror.

Movies/TV Shows December 23, 2014

Stonehenge secret exposed by hi-tech underground scanning: Vast complex of archaeological monuments discovered

Stonehenge lies on top of at least 17 subterranean chambers, according to a new four-year study conducted using ground-penetrating imaging technology.

Animals September 12, 2014

Forget bedbugs: More than 5000 wasps turn this bed into giant nest

An English family was startled to find a 3-foot wasps' nest inside of its guest room.

Life August 29, 2014

Driverless cars will hit UK roads in 2015

The British government will soon allow driverless cars on its roads. However, the country's existing laws would have to be changed to accommodate such vehicles.

FUTURE TECH August 3, 2014

Brits not too eager for driverless car, but UK leaders are hot for the wheels

New survey shows most UK drivers don't view driverless cars as very reliable and over half don't intend to buy one. Meanwhile, government agencies are helping to fund car test efforts.

FUTURE TECH July 31, 2014

FGM or female genital mutilation in focus after London arrests

Two people are arrested in Britain on conspiracy to commit female genital mutilation. It comes as girls' rights are continuing to be a focus of human rights groups.

Life July 28, 2014

Britain votes original Mini as best car of all time

Call it obsolete but the original Mini is still the best British car of all time. It even bested the supercars today.

FUTURE TECH May 8, 2014

Two million seniors in UK without adult children to take care of them by 2030: Report

The number of older people in Britain is expected to overshadow the number of family members able to provide unpaid help, a report by the UK government think tank Institute for Public Policy Research has revealed. What''s the real score?

Life April 24, 2014

Meet 'Mini Winnie' the first cloned dog in Britain: A £60,000 scientific break through?

After a procedure that cost an estimated £60,000, Britain’s first ever cloned dog was successfully born. The dog was cloned in a lab in South Korea after the original Winnie’s owner won a contest.

April 10, 2014

British teen's adventure illustrates just how far iPhone lovers will go in retrieving a smartphone from a not-so-nice environment

A British teenager accidentally drops her iPhone into a street storm drain and doesn't think twice about jumping in to make the save.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 4, 2014

Doctors not prescribing statins might endanger lives: Britain's senior doctor

Is statin causing more harm than good? Doctors in the UK have different opinions about it.

Life March 22, 2014

Get your own real dinosaur skeleton for £500k

Bones of a Diplodocus longus, a dinosaur from the Late Jurassic era, will be put on sale in Britain in November.

Animals October 20, 2013

Human form of mad cow disease confirmed in Britain: 1 in 2,000 may be carrier

A human form of mad cow disease, vCJD, has been confirmed and 1 in 2,000 people may be carriers of the disease in Britain.

Life October 18, 2013

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