Freya. Angela. Sif. Across eight issues, Marvel writer Jason Aaron has had a lot of fun teasing readers about the true identity of the all-new female Thor. But whoever is under that metal helm isn't any of the usual suspects.

Do you want to know? It's going to be revealed in tomorrow's Thor #8, but we've got the answer right here.

Read no further if you want to avoid a major spoiler!

The new Thor is none other than...

Jane Foster!

Wait, doesn't she have breast cancer? Well, yeah. When she's not wielding Mjolnir, she's holed up in a hospital bed fighting for her life. But when she lifts the hammer, she becomes the immortal Thor, God of Thunder. There's a catch, though. Transforming back and forth is proving to be a rather violent magical act, so much so that it's worsening her cancer.

All of this begs the question: Why doesn't Jane just stay in She-Thor mode 24/7? (Probably because it wouldn't be as interesting a story.)

Vulture has a brand new interview with Jason Aaron, in which he discusses his decision to cast Jane Foster as Thor — and that he really never considered anyone else, despite all his teasing. The main takeaway is that he sees the Jane/Thor connection much like the original relationship between Thor and a human identity, which first occurred with Donald Blake — a disabled man who would transform into the immortal god when he picked up this enchanted hammer.

Pick up Thor #8 in your local comic book store tomorrow.

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