Don't ever underestimate the will of a Power Ranger — especially the green one.

Mixed martial arts fighter Jason David Frank, who is also known for having played the green character in Power Rangers, desperately wants to fight CM Punk. No, you cannot make this stuff up.

Apparently Frank took offense to Punk's recent comments about him during a C2E2 panel in Chicago. There, the former WWE superstar called Frank "a stalker" and said the mere mention of his name will give him "six more months of relevancy."

Well... let's just say that didn't sit too well with Frank. The former Power Ranger posted a video response to Punk on Tuesday, saying, "yes, everybody wants a piece of you and so do I... the difference is I'll fight you for free."

He also accused Punk of wanting the "JDF life" and said he's willing to catch a flight to the next Comic Con just to confront him — not to stalk him, but bring a possible fight closer to fruition.

The best part about the video? The ending, in which Frank says: "CM Punk — I still want to fight. You're an alright dude, but until we see eye-to-eye, I'm going to keep challenging you until you talk to me. Yeah! It's Morphin time, buddy. It's Morphin time."

Since signing with the UFC last December, Punk has been called out by a number of MMA fighters — none more than Frank, though. Will the fight actually happen? Probably when it's Morphin time. Yeah!

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