Over at YouTube channel Screen Junkies, there's this regular feature called "Honest Trailers."

The idea is simple. Take clips from a movie, edit them together like a trailer, but instead of having a "cool voiceover guy" saying hype-tastic PR speak, the cool voiceover guy is honest instead. Well, pretty much honest but mostly snarky. He's basically the guy who says what we're all thinking after we've seen a movie and had the opportunity to identify its faults.

Thor got the Honest Trailer treatment way back in 2013, and it was typically chuckle-worthy. However, Screen Junkies wasn't content to stop there. After a great deal of corresponding (which one assumes was actually badgering), the SJ crew managed to convince one of the screenwriters behind Thor, Zack Stentz, to come into their studio and watch the Honest Trailer — having never watched it before — so they could film his reaction.

Interestingly, Stentz has them pause the trailer several times as it's playing so he can explain something or share an anecdote from the movie's production. The best bit is when he talks about Kenneth Brannagh's reaction to the name of Thor's hammer.

Kudos to Zack Stentz for stepping up to the plate, taking his lumps in stride and having a laugh along with the Screen Junkies crew. Nicely done, sir.

A number of commenters on YouTube are already calling for "a movie's writer reacts to its Honest Trailer" to become a regular feature on the channel. Hopefully, Screen Junkies can convince more writers, directors, or heck, even actors, to join in on the fun.

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