Samsung's latest flagship devices, the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge originally launched in three color options such as Black Sapphire, White Pearl and Gold Platinum.

The latest announcement from the Korean smartphone maker said that Samsung fans, particularly those who prefer to have more vibrance in the color of their devices, can now have the Galaxy S6 in a Blue Topaz version and the Galaxy S6 Edge in Green Emerald.

According to Samsung, the Blue Topaz Galaxy S6 and the Green Emerald Galaxy S6 Edge are now available for purchase. Both devices will have a global rollout and will come in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB variants.

This isn't the first time however that Samsung has offered other color iterations for its Galaxy S flagships. Some of the colors it had launched in the past include purple, red and brown. However, Samsung said that "launch date and models may vary by region and channels."

Samsung describes the Blue Topaz color of the Galaxy S6 as "vibrant, expressive and distinctive." As a way to add more excitement to the launch, the company even came up with a psychologist to give some ideas on an individual's personality which is believed to have a link to his chosen color option.

Dr. Donna Dawson, a world-renowned British psychologist has these words to say for the two new color editions of the Galaxy S6 devices.

"People who opt for Samsung's Blue Topaz Galaxy S6 are likely to be more self-confident, fastidious, discriminating, sensitive, exacting, and intuitive. People who choose Green as their preferred color will tend to be balanced, loyal, hard-working, honest, benevolent and concerned for others."

Indeed, Samsung is fulfilling its commitment to bring products that offer new standard for design, craftsmanship and performance. With its latest flagships, the company had successfully blended premium materials coupled with its most advanced technology in order to give consumers an unparalleled mobile experience by getting their devices in unique colors and materials.

"We aim to bring a truly one-of-a-kind smartphone to consumers and provide them with a seamless combination of dynamic beauty and meaningful purpose, complementing every part of their mobile lives," said Younghee Lee, Executive VP of Samsung Electronics' Global Marketing, IT & Mobile Division.

The Blue Topaz version is exclusively available on the Galaxy S6 while the Green Emerald is only for the Galaxy S6 Edge. Now that the two new color editions are beginning to roll out, it will be interesting to know which colors will be grabbed by certain carriers. As an example, Verizon was the exclusive carrier for the brown version while AT&T was the sole provider of the red Galaxy device.

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