Amazon's former VP of search is now Apple's newly-minted director in charge of revamping Apple Map's search and the hiring may indicate Apple is acutely aware of criticisms regarding search functionality at its Apple Store, iTunes storefront and within the Maps environment.

Benoit Dupin had served as VP of search technology at Amazon A9, a subsidiary of, since 2007 before accepting the new job at Apple. Prior to his days at Amazon Dupin had worked for EasyPlanet, Canon and Hewlett-Packard.

One report predicts Dupin will also be involved with in-app and on-site advertising and could potentially replace Apple's Cathy Edwards, who is reportedly leaving her role as director of Evaluation and Quality for maps. Ironically Edwards' LinkedIn profile, which reveals she's been in the director role since September, 2012 states "We're hiring, come join us!"

The news comes amidst a high-profile legal battle regarding employee poaching by Silicon Valley tech companies. Tech workers launched a $9 million class-action suit following media reports that Google, Intuit and Apple company leaders allegedly conspired not to hire away each other's top engineering and IT talent. That suit, slated to start in court next month, is currently in a mediation phase and a hot topic of discussion from dinner tables to industry events.

According to Dupin's LinkedIn profile his new title at Apple is director. He attended The University of Rennes, one of the two main universities in the city of Rennes, France.

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