Who says trikes are for toddlers? Electrike, a new electric scooter company based in Belgium, would beg to differ.

Armed with three wheels rather than two, the Electrike is designed to provide a more flexible and secure electric scooting experience. Electrike's may be purchased online starting in July, and can be shipped worldwide.

"Thinking about safety and ease of use, it was obvious to us that three wheels would be ideal," Alain Di Duca, CEO of Electrike, said in an email.

Each of the Electrike's two "arms" that attach the back wheels to the front can move up and down independently of one another, allowing it to pass over bumps and holes more easily and comfortably. The scooters also feature a patented balancing system that helps riders keep their center of gravity between their legs.

"Compared to Segway, we bring security, easy to drive and flexibility," says Di Duca.

The design for Electrike is the product of a 2-year collaboration with engineers from the University of Liege, as well as some from Formula One racing circuit Campus Francorchamps in Belgium. As a result, the Electrike features technologies from the automotive industry such as 3M glue-on anodized aluminum, Di Duca says. It is powered by a 500-watt, 48-volt brushless engine in the front wheel and can reach speeds of up to 30 kilometers per hour, or about 18 mph. Its battery, however, only lasts between 2 and 3.5 hours, about half the life of a Segway's battery. It can carry up to about 308 pounds.

Here's a video of the Electrike in action.

In addition to personal transportation, the makers of Electrike envision it as an ideal option for airports, large factories, urban police, city tours and golf courses.

While the Electrike's three-wheeled design seems to be a sure way to enhance stability, whether it decreases the dork-factor for its riders remains to be seen.

Here's a video of the Electrike in action.

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