Disney Enforces Selfie Stick Ban On Rides


We all know the only way to get the perfect group shot with Mickey in front of Cinderella's castle is by capturing the moment with a selfie stick. But your day at Disney is about to get less magical—that is, if you were planning on taking your selfie stick with you on all the attractions.

Disney World is really against the use of selfie sticks when on rides, and has strictly enforced this ban by posting signs around the park.

Disney told employees a few weeks ago to kindly remind guests that they have forbidden to use of selfie sticks when on the rides, but it appears that people were only taking this as a suggestion. As a result, signs have been posted at attractions located in both Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida and Disneyland in Anaheim.

On Friday a sign that reads "No selfie sticks" was posted outside of Magic Kingdom's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disney World. Over the weekend, the same sign was posted outside Disneyland's Big Thunder Mountain, as well as another at Space Mountain.

While guests are allowed to bring selfie sticks with them into the park, there is a strict policy against people sticking objects outside of the rides because it's a safety hazard. Fallen objects could be stuck on a ride's track, which could result in serious issues. 

Recently, Thunder Mountain has been experiencing frequent incidences related to the use of selfie sticks, which has caused the ride to stop.

Not only could holding your selfie stick out cause damage to the ride—and subsequently danger to those on the ride—but park guests are also complaining about how the smartphone accessories obstructs their views. And trust us, they didn't pay all the money to get in the park to not be able to see the drop at Splash Mountain because someone's phone is blocking your view.

It's safe to say—for their safety—park guests should refrain from feeling like they need to capture every single Disney moment and just enjoy the ride.

Disney is not the only place to enforce a selfie stick ban. The Smithsonian Institute banned the use of the devices in 19 of its museums and galleries. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, the Dia: Beacon Museum also banned selfie sticks, as well as the popular music festival Coachella, and The Emirates Stadium in London.

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