Without a doubt, this is the best thing you'll see all day.

Jean-Claude Van Damme's ultra-violent 1988 film Bloodsport isn't exactly a classic. The movie told the story of an army recruit who goes AWOL to fight in the lethal martial arts tournament he's been trained for all his life. We, the audience, were expected to root for a guy who takes his oath to the United States Armed Forces as optional. Hmm ...

During one scene in the film, a pair of bumbling army officers venture to Hong Kong, where the tournament is taking place, to find and recover Van Damme's character. Their quarry makes embarrassingly easy work of eluding them, leading to some silly hijinks. Van Damme spends the entire sequence grinning like an idiot while ducking in and out of cover.

If that sounds to you like the plot of every Mentos commercial ever made ... Well, as you can see, you're not alone in that.

Whoever the individual is who made this video: We love you in a deep and profound "You complete me" kind of way.

So, what does it say about late 80s cinema that a fairly successful film at the time was cheesy enough to suffice as a candy commercial? Or is this merely a commentary on Jean-Claude Van Damme movies?

Great. Now we can't stop playing scenes from other Van Damme "classics" in our minds, looking for Mentos commercials in-the-making.

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