New Logitech keyboard enhances TV experience from the couch


Technology company Logitech announced on April 9 the introduction of a new "living room navigation" keyboard aimed at allowing users to have greater access to their viewing content from the comfort of their own living room sofa. The move has been made as part of Logitech's ongoing usability approach to new products that they hope will enable consumers to have more power over their wireless devices and televisions.

According to a press release, the new keyboard, the Logitech Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard K830, allows users to connect to their PC-to-TV experience by enabling a larger distance of accessibility to a computer or wireless device connected to a television.

This means that when someone is sitting in their living room, for example, it will now be easier to change programming, search for content and perform other computerlike actions without getting up from your perch on the couch. The new keyboard has more than 30 feet of connectivity, meaning that even in larger rooms, access and connection are still present through the keyboard and its connection to the wireless device.

On top of the connection range, Logitech said that the new "advanced wireless connection" coupled with the backlit keys of the keyboard that "automatically dim or brighten based on the amount of light in the room" means that even if someone in the room wants to turn the lights down, a user still will be able to view the keys to maintain their viewing experience without hindering others nearby.

Other features of the new keyboard, according to the company, include new soft-keys that Logitech says "are optimized for media and entertainment control," as well as a rechargeable battery that should help to keep users working on the keyboard for longer periods than other standard devices and a built-in touch pad so no mouse is needed.

With the tech world moving into the television viewing experience, as evidenced by Amazon's recent introduction of its Fire TV, Logitech and others are working on products that help ease connectivity and usability.

The new illuminated keyboard currently costs $99.99 through Logitech's website. The company did not say how many units it expects to move.

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