It is now time to talk about the Supergirl and Lucifer trailers because it is necessary since DC is mobilizing its TV presence in a big way.

Let me get straight to the point here; the Supergirl and the Lucifer trailer especially didn't grab my interest in the slightest. That's surprising because I'm a huge fan of DC, so imagine my surprise when these trailers failed to get the excitement levels booming.

First, let's look at Lucifer. The show is bound for Fox and is based off the DC comic of the same name. It's about the devil, who became bored of ruling Hell, and thus he chose to see what it would be like to walk the Earth and never return to the bottomless pit. Naturally, this doesn't go down well with Heaven, and as such, many times several Archangels were sent to stop Lucifer.

In the TV series, Lucifer comes to Los Angeles, and for some reason, chooses to help the police force solve crimes. This move differs from the comics, and that is the problem. Where does it become fun to see Lucifer becoming some sort of detective who cares so much about human life?

Yes, we know he's bored, but still it doesn't make much sense.

When it comes down to the overall feel of the trailer, well, it comes off as something that airs on The CW. This is Lucifer Morningstar we're talking about here, so where is the darkness? Why does the show feel so family-friendly? I'll make a final judgment after viewing the first episode.

Now to Supergirl, the CBS show that has garnered just as much hate as praise.

In the comics and several animated features, Supergirl has been portrayed with a bold personality. She's a girl with troubles, but she still manages to stand on her own feet and kick butt from here to another dimension. However, this version of the character appears to be nothing but a romantic comedy with a bit of action thrown in to boot.

Is this show targeted at women? Possibly, and that is not a big deal. However, several fans, including me, do not want to see a Supergirl who is going crazy about her next date and over-filled with quirkiness. Then, there's cheesy music that makes this show sound more like a cheesy The CW romance series than a superhero show.

At the end of the day, one should not expect much from this show because the guys behind Arrow and The Flash are the ones behind it. While The Flash is tolerable, Arrow is a complete mess, and the season 3 finale proves that.

Anyone remember Agent Carter? Yeah, that's how a comic book-related show with a female lead is done.

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