Scott Steiner is resorting to extreme measures to get Hulk Hogan's attention... and it's not part of any pro wrestling storyline, either. Steiner genuinely despises Hogan.

First, Steiner allegedly threatened to kill Hogan during an airport run-in with his Hulk's wife, Jennifer McDaniel, last month. (Steiner was reportedly investigated for making felony terrorist threats following that incident).

But that's not enough to get "Big Poppa Pump" to back down. In a promo shoot that just hit the Internet on Tuesday, Steiner issued a $1 million open challenge to Hogan to show up at Citi Field – Scott calls it "Mets Stadium" – and bodyslam him.

"See your biggest claim to fame is slamming Andre The Giant," a red-in-the-face Steiner screams into the camera declaring. "June 7th, New York City, I'm saying you can't slam me and I'm putting up a million dollars of my own money saying you can't."

Steiner proceeds to count several $100 bills, before flicking them at the camera. Watch the entire shoot here.

Ironically, Steiner's challenge came on the same day that Hogan re-tweeted a fan who said, "nWo Wolfpack 4-Life!!" and shared a shot of Hulkster with Pump amongst other members of the old-school WCW faction.

Whatever Steiner's beef with Hogan is, we're betting that the Hulkster stays far away from Pump and wants no part of his challenge — not because he's scared, but more so because Scott is getting a bit too carried away here. Hey, but you never know.

The Legends of Wrestling card at Citi Field on June 7 in Flushing, New York is set to feature grappling icons such as Bret Hart, Ric Flair, Bill Goldberg and yes... Scott Steiner.

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