Airlines are getting waaay creative with their in-flight safety videos. From Virgin Airlines and its musical singing and dancing gig, to New Zealand's Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit themed flights to Middle Earth (its newest video now features hot surfer dudes explaining the very mundane task of how to buckle your seatbelt.)

But Delta wants to top them all with the aptly titled Internetest Safety Video on the Internet. And you won't believe who flew in for the ride.

While most airlines still adhere to the oh-so-boring-that-nobody-even-watches-anymore (but you really should) flight safety video formula, Delta got really creative with its new production. It kept its video filled to the brim with cameo appearances by every single Internet celebrity and meme out there; and we mean every single one.

While the safety precautions and instructions are straightforward enough and even as bland as they come, what makes this video shine is the eclectic mix of memes that are crammed into every frame.

Starting off with the Keyboard Cat playing the opening music; the Double Rainbow guy then demonstrates how to properly stow items in the overhead compartment; while smaller items, like the talking orange, should be stowed underneath the seat.

The RoomBa SharkCat then diligently makes its way down the aisle to give way to the emergency exits, which the invisible drive-thru customer guy declines to assist with.

Charlie is still biting his brother's finger as he is assisted in putting on his oxygen mask; and everybody joins in for a bit of a Harlem Shake, as instructed by flight crew (in addition to complying with the fasten seat belt signs).

The video goes on hitting every single safety instruction needed, but forcing you to keep your eyes and ears glued to the video so that you won't miss a single Internet meme featured.

As doge, seated at a window seat, might proclaim in proud comic sans font, "much safety... good plane... so preparedness... such precaution.... wow."

After the presentation, the Delta pilot thanks you for paying such good attention to the important information the video just shown you (you were listening for the safety instructions, right?) and then sends everyone off with a great big geyser of Mentos in Coke.

The video ends with the "Will it Blend?" guy offering a choice to see different versions of the Internetest video on the Internet.

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