Sweden’s WizzCom makes 3D TV without the glasses, possible


A Swedish technology company has launched a series of three-dimensional monitors that are quite unique: users don't need to wear the traditional glasses to have the 3D imaging. The question on many minds is what, how and when can we buy it? WizzCom hopes to answer these questions in the coming months after its promotional launch of the monitors in Las Vegas.

The launching of its American showroom in Nevada is a boost to the company, which has predominantly marketed advertising applications, including digital menus which companies can purchase and install on their websites, applications and wireless devices, as well as making 3D film productions for medical and training purposes.

The company, in early April, demonstrated the new monitors without the traditional 3D glasses to accompany, showing video of slot machines, airplanes and CT scans of a fetus as a sign of how far technology has come in recent years.

Where 3D television had been only a dream little more than a decade ago, many households around the globe now own a television capable of 3D viewing, making it a widescale enterprise with massive marketing potential. WizzCom believes it is upping the ante on all television manufacturers with its new products.

Still, the current price tag will likely ward off widespread use or purchase of the monitors, which currently cost between $3,000 and $15,000 for a monitor measuring 21 inches to 55 inches, respectively.

While viewers were instantly awed by the spectacle on the screen, the overall impact that glasses-free 3D can have on the technology market remains untapped. It is a concept that few are even aware of and something that must be harnessed and made cheaper for a global audience to accept, the company acknowledges.

Traditional 3D glasses technology showcases angles from two cameras, giving it depth that a single camera is unable to, but with WizzCom 3D, filmmakers are able to use eight cameras to give unique points of view from multiple angles, giving added depth and special recognition more similar to everyday life.

With its American launch, it will also be interesting to see what other manufacturers do in the near future. They might push forward on fine-tuning the glasses software that has slowly edged its way into the market, or may look at WizzCom's efforts and feel the need to innovate other technologies to compete with the newcomers to the American market.

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