If you've simply been dying to get your hands, and face, around a pair of Google Glass you'll get your chance next week, on April 15. That's when Google will sell the "Explorer" version of the internet connected eyewear online beginning at 9 a.m. PDT to all of Geek Dom for a price of $1,500.

The only restriction is that you be at least 18 years old and you'll be greeted with an online form making sure you are eligible to purchase the device that has been making headlines, both positive and negative, since itslaunch last year.

Google originally limited sale of the device to 8,000 individuals as part of their "Explorer" program in an effort to gauge reaction and test the consumer waters for the unique device....and react they did. The feedback since the soft launch has ranged from fascination to disgust but as far as Google is concerned the headlines were music to their ears.

The latest phase in the Glass rollout has everyone in the tech space thinking an official product launch is close at hand.

Google, of course, isn't tipping its hand as the Google's glass team released a statement about the April 15 one-day sale, simply saying, "We are excited to meet our new Explorers and we can't wait to hear their thoughts about Glass."

For a product that is clearly still in development the $1,500 price appears steep, but as those cover the wearables industry explain, it's more about being part of that process that will excite buyers.

"Google is targeting just a few early adopters to understand how to further develop Glass and doesn't actually want average Joes using it until it's a much more mature product," explained TrustedReviews Evan Kypreos.

Among the many complaints about the technology is that they are viewed by some as distracting to wear and several establishments have banned them as patrons have complained about being secretly recorded in public. The term "Glassholes" has emerged from this controversy and Google has simply been standing back undoubtedly basking in the publicity, both good and bad.

The April 15 sale will take place online here. Google isn't saying how many sets of Glass will be available during the limited-time offer

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