No one ever expected that Liam Neeson would become an action star - especially not at his age - but the first Taken film proved that nothing could stop the 55-year-old actor. Even more surprising was that the original Taken film was great: sure, the sequels may not have been able to live up to the original, but at its time, Taken was a breath of fresh air for action movie fans.

It wasn't all about special effects or superheroes, it was about one man trying to find his family - and that was more than enough to satisfy movie-goers.

Sadly, the subsequent movies just couldn't hold a candle to their predecessor, and the Taken franchise has come to a close. Even Neeson himself seems to know it's time to slow things down a bit, but fans clearly want more.

While it might not be exactly the same, Tooken might be enough to satiate fans of Neeson's stoic action hero...if the crew behind the film can keep the stars under control, that is.

Tooken's official synopsis is as follows:

In this spoof film on the Taken action-film franchise, Bryan Mills (Lee Tergesen) is an ex-CIA agent now working as a mall security guard. He keeps finding his things are being taken from him-his wife, his dog...his daughter's virginity. With the help of his ex-CIA elderly mother, Bryan battles his nemesis BrownFinger (Margaret Cho) to free his family and a pound of dogs in danger of exploding.

One things for certain: Taken never featured exploding puppies.

Tooken is set for release on Digital HD and Video on Demand May 26, and on DVD and Blu-ray on July 7.

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