The Suicide Squad set just keeps giving. Recently, we saw an enormous confrontation between The Joker and Harley Quinn, now it appears David Ayer has just shot the scene leading up to it.

In the captured images and videos, we get to see Harley Quinn on a motorcycle chasing down The Joker in his car. We're not certain what caused the chase and what Harley wants from him. Furthermore, we're not even certain if this scene is a flashback or something that happened earlier in the film that led to Harley being captured and made to become a member of the Suicide Squad.

Chances are this scene is a flashback since Harley Quinn looks normal, like her original identity, Harleen Quinzel before she became deranged and mad like the Joker. This could very well be her origin story, and that is something many fans would love to see on the big screen.

It should be interesting to see if David Ayer can manage all the characters in Suicide Squad, most of which we have never seen on the big screen before. For the casual moviegoer, the movie needs to tell the origin story of each character or just the important ones. How folks are going to get a sense of who Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and Boomerang are without looking into the past.

For now, the whole scene with Harley and the Joker is shrouded in mystery. While we are not sure of what is truly going on between the two in their lovers quarrel, we are confident that Joker is covered in tattoos. What's more interesting, is the fact that "Damaged" is tattooed on his head, similar to the revealed image.

From this, it is clear that David Ayer is still going with the tattooed Joker despite the protesting by fans. It now boils down to Jared Leto and his performance to get fans excited, because the looks of the character is surely not doing the job.

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