Pac-Man 35th Anniversary: How To Play For Free


A timeless game—that is also one of the longest running video games from the golden age of arcade ages—Pac-Man was released in Japan 35 years ago on May 22, 1980.

After being released in the U.S. in October 1980, the arcade game quickly became a pop culture phenomenon.

And in fact, 94 percent of Americans recognize the iconic yellow character. That may be because it has over 400 products including lunch boxes, apparel, a cartoon, a hit song and a breakfast cereal—just to name a few.

There is no denying that Pac-Man never gets old. So in honor of its 35th anniversary, here's how you can play Pac-Man for free.

Play For Free On iOS

Pac-Man was developed by Namco, which now goes by the name of Bandai Namco after the 2005 merger. In celebration of its 35th anniversary, the video game developer and publisher is offering the game for free through the iOS app Pac-Man Lite. However, gamers can only play the first stage, but you can pay to to unlock more levels. Still, all 256 levels of the game can be played, and the app includes a multiplayer mode, along with hints and tips and new mazes to try and buy.

Play For Free On Android

Don't feel left out Android gamers, because you can download the Pac-man + Tournaments app for free. This version features the classic game, as well as new mazes and tournaments, some which replace the ghosts for Android robots. Compete in tournaments with bonus rounds, and challenge your friends to see who can get the highest score.

Play For Free On Desktop

There are a few gaming sites that allow you to play Pac-Man online from your desktop. We played using, where you simply click the "play for free here" link underneath the graphic to start the game. Check the the World's Biggest Pac-Man game online, which has over eight million mazes completed globally. Gamers can make their own maze to expand the Pac-Man universe.

But the easiest way to play is through Google's Doodle. Google used the game as the graphic on its homepage on May 21 in honor of its anniversary, but is still in the Doodles Archive.

Happy gaming!

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Photo: PAC-MAN | Facebook

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