A video taken on set of the highly-anticipated Suicide Squad movie revealed the ride of Jared Leto's The Joker.

While the details of the car are not clear as the footage taken of the vehicle are stolen shots, it can be seen that The Joker will be driving an interesting car, to say the least.

The amateur footage reveals a pink-purple car, with the license plate of "HAHAHA." While the video has been taken down, with Warner Bros. Entertainment blocking the footage due to copyright issues, screenshots of The Joker's vehicle have already been taken.

Another video taken of The Joker's ride is taken from further away, but confirms the bright color of the villain's car with accompanying lights. The presence of The Joker alongside Dr. Harleen Quinzel before she took on the persona of Harley Quinn could mean that the taken footage is a filming of a flashback scene in the movie.

While the car looks very exotic, Car Scoops has determined that The Joker's vehicle is an Infiniti G35 Coupe with the Vaydor G35 bodykit.

According to Vaydor Bodykits, the car of The Joker is actually one that is "home build-able," with no required modifications to the vehicle's chassis, no need for wire cutting, or any difficult processes such as those.

Included in the Vaydor G35 bodykit that was supposedly used on the car of The Joker is a main rear body shell, front clips for the fenders and bumper, side roof rails, after-door and fender vents, a rear floating wing, an 8-point roll cage, a center tail light and DOT headlights, Lamborghini-inspired door hinges and a suede or leather conversion for the vehicle's interior.

The Joker's appearance is difficult to make out in the amateur footages, but many are expecting Batman's long-time nemesis to sport the look that was posted by David Ayer on social media. The look of Jared Leto's The Joker, with tattoos all over his body and grills in his mouth, was a polarizing one for fans.

However, sources are claiming that the revealed image of The Joker is now the same as what can be seen on set as Suicide Squad films, with The Joker sporting no tattoos on his skin and no grill in his mouth. The villain's skin is said to be covered in scars instead of tattoos, which he received in a fight against Batman.

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