Bike Balls Are Bike Lights That Other Drivers Wouldn't Miss: Why? Because


Swinging Bike Balls are bound to direct a lot of attention your way when cycling. Why? Is it because these bike lights are raging balls of fire that glow in the dark? Close, but no. It is because they are shaped liked testicles—but yes, they do glow!

Bike Balls are testicle-shaped bike lights that glow in the dark and keep cyclists safe in the night. The Bike Balls are the brainchild of Heather and Scott from Canada, who launched the glowing product on Kickstarter on May 6.

The project has already surpassed the duo's goal of about CA$11,800 (a little over US$9,400) in just three days after its launch on Kickstarter. Many people think that the product is quite crude, but it seems that the glowing balls have attracted many as there are more than 1,300 people backing the project with a funding of over CA$53,000 (US$42,600).

The developers of the Bike Balls believe that cyclists are often neglected by others on the road. However, the Bike Balls will change things.

"Bike Balls are more visible and noticeable than your average bike light, making you more safe and confident as you ride through the city streets at night. It takes grit, wit, and huge balls to ride in the city so show 'em what you got!" stated the product description on Kickstarter.

Many people may take the Bike Balls to be nasty and offensive, but they come with the purpose of keeping cyclists safe.

The Bike Balls contain an LED light encased within a silicone shell that is shaped like testicles. The silicone casing also keeps the electrical components dry from water damage. The power button of the light is integrated in the silicone case.

The bike lights have three modes: "two party modes where the light can be set to flash on and off in slow and fast patterns, and one that turns the light on solid."

Users just need to gently squeeze the Bike Balls to switch on or switch off the light. A gentle squeeze is also needed to switch between the three modes.

Cyclists can easily hang the light on the bike seat. The lights are designed so that, once hung on the cycle seat, the balls wobble when the bike is in motion. No one looks at a cycle light, but the wobbling motion of the Bike Balls grabs the attention of many people behind the bike.

Bike Balls' Kickstarter page offers various pledging options.

Check out a short video of how the Bike Balls look when dangling on the back of a bicycle.

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