In case you missed it, DC Comics recently released short previews of its upcoming June issues, and in the case of Superman/Wonder Woman #18, things don't look too good for our favorite superhero couple.

In fact, the issue starts out with everything being off, although, of course, there's no explanation as to why. Otherwise, the preview wouldn't be such a tease.

If you prefer avoiding spoilers for next month's issue of Superman/Wonder Woman, look away now, because things are about to get rocky for Clark Kent and the Amazonian princess.

Here's the official summary of Superman/Wonder Woman #18:

"A de-powered and injured Man of Steel looks to re-energize himself by plunging into the sun. Wonder Woman is there to stop him."

The 8-page preview shows Clark emerging into the Justice League headquarters beaten and covered in blood. The transponder cannot immediately identify him, although it recognizes his voice. Already, we're being warned that maybe that this isn't the Clark Kent we all know and love.

However, Clark runs into the Flash, who thinks he's the same old Clark, right up to the point where Clark punches him out.

Yes, that's right, Superman knocks out the Flash.

But things get even more awry, when Wonder Woman arrives to help the man that she's currently in love with.

And then this happens:

Ouch! Is this really the end of Superman and Wonder Woman's romance? If so, a lot of fans will find this extremely distressing. Of course, with the story's lead up, it's more likely that Clark/Superman isn't himself and that something serious has happened that has him attacking his friends and telling the woman he loves that he doesn't, in fact, actually love her.

So what's going on here? Did Clark lose his mind after Lois betrayed him and shared his secret identity to the world? Or are there darker forces at work here (we're betting on the latter).

We'll know next month when Superman/Wonder Woman #18 comes out. In the meantime, you can read the 8-page preview, along with previews of DC's other titles coming out in June, and decide for yourself on Comixology.

[Photo Credit: DC Comics]

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