It's no secret that DC Comics is moving in a new creative direction come June. That's when Convergence ends and a number of major new story arcs kick off in the likes of Superman, Batman and Justice League.

It's also when DC begins rolling out 24 brand new monthly titles to accompany the 25 bestsellers that will continue, some of which can only be described as "bold" and "unexpected."

To promote this initiative, DC has announced the launch of a new advertising campaign called "DC YOU." It consists of posters and video ads that point out the new directions that some of DC's top titles are taking. The idea is to explain to consumers that DC's diverse new lineup has "something for everyone."

The posters DC is showing off today promote huge twists, like Commissioner Gordon taking over as the new Batman, Superman's secret identity being made public, the return of fan-favorite Gotham Academy and a number of brand new titles like We Are Robin, Starfire, Bizarro and Batman Beyond.

DC will be inserting DC YOU ads like these in both print and digital comics starting tomorrow, May 20. Digital video ads will play on major websites starting June 3. A unique DC YOU website is in the works, which will be located at (the URL redirects to DC's homepage at the time of this writing) and invite fans to engage in social media campaigns around "#DCYOU." Something special related to DC YOU is coming to San Diego Comic-Con as well, but no one's saying what it is yet.

Retailers will receive weekly promotional packs containing promotional materials like posters, masks, temporary tattoos and stickers to be given out to patrons.

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