Get ready, PlayStation 4 owners. Rocksteady is going to treat you to some nifty goodies that no other players will get.

When Batman: Arkham Knight drops on June 23 — that's right, we're less than a month away now! — those who play the game on their PS4 will get a pack of downloadable content that Xbox One and PC gamers don't get. It's just one of the many, many bonuses being offered for Arkham Knight, though most of the others are tied to what retailer you buy the game from.

The PS4 exclusive bonus pack includes two character skins, a Batmobile skin and the Scarecrow Nightmare Pack. This pack features a special story mission set in a scenario where Batman and Gotham fall victim to Scarecrow's fear toxin, which transforms the city into a burning, twisted hell. It sounds a lot like the dream missions featured in Arkham Asylum, when Batman would be poisoned by Scarecrow and then have to "fight" his way back to sanity within his own mind.

The two character skins will turn the Dark Knight into "Justice League 3000 Batman" and "Classic TV Series Batman." The Batmobile skin changes the vehicle's paint job to make it more closely resemble the classic TV Batmobile, aka the one driven by Adam West.

Rocksteady and Sony have released the following brand new trailer that shows what these bonuses look like.

Is this enough to entice you to play Batman: Arkham Knight on PlayStation 4 instead of another platform?

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