When Disney Infinity 3.0 drops sometime this fall, in addition to all the Star Wars gaming goodness, players will also have the option to play through a full-featured Playset based on Pixar's new movie, Inside Out.

The Inside Out Playset will be a separate purchase from the 3.0 Starter Kit, which comes with the crystal game piece that unlocks the game, and two playable figures for the characters Joy and Anger. Sadness, Disgust and Fear will be available for purchase separately.

Disney says that the Inside Out Playset is an "innovative puzzle-solving action platformer," set inside the mind of the young girl from the movie, Riley. In a story that runs parallel to the movie, the game finds Riley falling asleep right after she accidentally sees a glimpse of a scary movie. As a result, "scary" things like broccoli, pie cannons and swamp creatures are on the loose inside Imagination Land and it's up to the five emotions to get things under control. To do so, they'll have to fight off enemies, rescue Riley's lost memories, and bring them to "Long Term" before Riley wakes up.

Three game modes will provide plenty of challenges for players. In "Clouds," gamers must traverse spaces that fade or emit lightning. "Musical Platforms" have to be perfectly timed with a beat. "Gravity Barriers" flip the player and the entire game world upside down. Disney Interactive claims that there are more than 25 levels to beat in this Playset.

Each of the five emotions brings a unique ability to the Playset, and relying on their strengths at the right times will make beating the game easier. Joy glides across gaps that no one else can bridge. Fear is the fastest runner. Anger, big ball of fiery fury that he is, can run across lava without being harmed. Disgust jumps the highest. And Sadness can move across clouds without them fading.

Avalanche Software, creators of Disney Infinity, personally handled the development of the Inside Out Playset. The developer regularly farms out each release's Playset to a different developer, but traditionally keeps one for itself. (Many gamers usually feel that Avalanche's entries are the best of the bunch.) In 3.0, Avalanche felt drawn to Pixar's new movie due to its successes with past the animation studio's properties like Toy Story 3, Monsters University and The Incredibles.

New screenshots have been released for the Inside Out Playset, which you can view below.

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