Have you ever played Grand Theft Auto V and thought, "what I'd really like to do is play this game as a superhero"? Well, you're now in luck, because a new mod lets you do just that — and "that" includes taking on the game as the Flash or Reverse-Flash.

That's right, a new mod for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V lets you step into the shoes of two of DC's most iconic characters, and according to a new video showing off the mod, the results are hilarious.

YouTube user iCrazyTeddy showcased the mods on his channel as part of a series called Funny Moments. The video shows off gameplay in Grand Theft Auto V with the Flash — featuring the superhero indulging in some superheroics, like flying, running really fast and outrageous stunts.

The mod is actually part of a mod pack that features other superheroes, including Spider-Man.

In the following video, you can watch how the mod affects the game while playing as the Flash. Don't miss the end, when the Flash commandeers a boat and makes it fly — because that's probably the best part.

You can also use the mod to play the Flash's nemesis, Reverse-Flash. In the game, Reverse-Flash has super speed, thanks to a rocket-like device with wheels. The result is rather insane, but a lot of fun — although the player in the video spends entirely too much time knocking down girls in a strip club.

iCrazyTeddy promises that the next video will feature Green Lantern in Grand Theft Auto V.

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