Woman Tries To Recycle Rare Apple I Computer Worth $200,000


The Apple I computer is like the Holy Grail of modern computing. It was the first computer built by Steve Wozniak and sold by Steve Jobs under the Apple company name in 1976 and the first preassembled personal computer ever sold.

There are only about 50 to 200 of these computers still in existence in the world, so if you get one on your hands, it could be worth big bucks. One California woman has found that out the hard way.

CleanBayArea, a recycling firm in Milpitas, Calif., found an Apple I computer in a box of old electronics dropped off by a woman in early April who had cleaned out her house after her husband died, the San Jose Mercury News reports. The recycling firm sold the Apple I to a private collection this month for $200,000, and now the company is looking for the woman so it can split the proceeds with her 50-50, which is the company's policy with donors.

Yes, that means the woman can snag $100,000 if she turns up to claim the cash. It may not be exactly what the computer is worth, but at least she'll be able to stop kicking herself for unknowingly giving away this rare item.

In fact, the Apple I computer has fetched even more than $200,000 at auction over the years. The computer sold for a record $905,000 at a New York auction in October 2014.

The woman didn't leave her name or take a receipt, but CleanBayArea's Vice President Victor Gichun told the San Jose Mercury News that he will be able to tell who the woman is just by looking at her. All she has to do is show up to the recycling center to claim her earnings.

Judging by the fact that this woman's story has now become viral, it sure seems likely that word will get back to her.

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